All Small group training(SGT) classes run 1 hour long that caters to all ages and levels. Classes are no more than 10 people and have one instructor.

Legs: uses barbells, bands, and dumb bells that work your lower body. repetition ranges vary depending on what cycle the class is in.

Chest and Back: an SGT that trains two muscles. Your chest and Back. We use dumb bells, trx, and cables. Core exercises are also implemented into the class.

Boxing: a high intensity class utilizing boxing gloves, bags, and the instructor. a calorie burning class with calestetics and boxing rounds hitting a bag or instructor!

HIIT: HIIT means high intensity interval training. it is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. the trx, ropes, medicine balls, cardio machines, and plyometrics are used during this torture!!!

Melissa boot camp: An hour total body workout featuring trx, dumb bells, body weight exercises, obstacles and challenges focusing on Strength, conditioning and core.  

Total Body Conditioning: It Incorporates weight training and high reps to achieve definition, burn, and muscle fatigue. Total Body Training is a complete and constant workout! it uses all tools from the gym(cables,bands,cardio,trx,dumbbells, and weights).

bi,tri,shoulder: These are 3 muscle groups that we all love!!! it changes every month. starting from high rep to low weight and reversed. variations are done in trisets or super sets.

trx hiit: is a 30min workout using the trx and plyometrics for the ultimate fat burning experience.

trx kb mashup: is a class that supersets trx and kettlebell throughout the entire workout. it is a total body cardio and strength training class. first half hour is legs and cardio. second half hour is upper body conditioning and core.

core conditioning: is a muscle toning class that focuses on your core strength. our trainers will help you maintain lean muscles and boost your metabolism. Each class will work your core area as you train by using trx, stability balls, bands, medicine balls and the bosu.

band class: is a 30 min total body class that uses only resistance bands. resistance training means that you build muscle through resistance.

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Featured snippet from thResistance training means that you build muscle through resistance

Featured snippet from the weResistance training means that you build muscle through resistance